Christ Nagar College of Education

Karinkadamugal, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695027

Situated at Chavarapuram, a beautiful hillock in the midst of lush green surroundings and facing the Arabian Sea at Kovalam, just a few kilometers away, the college provides an ideal environment for educational activities and programmes. The panoramic surroundings comprise of rural farms, palm grooves and orchards that gladden many a heart. The pollution - free air and the refreshing climate help make even long hours of study a pleasant experience. Being reasonably away from the bustle and hustle of the city streets of Thiruvananthapuram, the college is totally free from the vexing problems of the present day city life. The warmth of care and affection one experiences at the campus makes one feel at home and this, together with academic excellence, will always remain a unique and distinguishing feature of the Christ Nagar College of Education.

Karinkadamugal, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695027

Candidates with at least fifty percent marks either in the Bachelor’s degree and/or in the Master’s degree in sciences/social sciences/humanity, Bachelors in Engineering or Technology with specialization in science and mathematics with 55% marks or any other qualification equivalent thereto, are eligible for admission to the program.


  • Library
    The College Provides to Students are allowed to take only one notebook into the library. The Librarian may reserve any book to the Reference Section of the Library in the direction of the Principal. Reference Books can be consulted in the Library. They shall not be taken out of the Library. Reading materials shall not be removed from the Reading Room without the permission of the Librarian. The Librarian is authorized to carry out all the provisions of these rules including levying of fine. Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals will be made available in the Library. There are 4134 books, 10 journals, 107 Encyclopedia, and 715 Reference books available in the Library.
  • Sports
    The college has sports facilities for all students.
  • Cafeteria
    The college has a canteen facility for staff and students.
  • Auditorium
    The college has an auditorium facility for events and seminars.
  • IT Infrastructure
    The college has an excellent IT Infrastructure facility for the students.
  • Transport
    The college has a transport facility for students and staff.
  • Laboratories
    The college has a departmental based laboratory facility for the students. Educational Technology Laboratory: it is essential that teacher trainees acquire adequate knowledge and skill in the application of information technology in teaching-learning situations. The Audio-Visual Laboratory is equipped with Over Head Projector, Epidiascope, 16-mm Projector, Slide Projectors, Tape Recorder, Radio, Public Address System, Television, V.C.P., etc. A Language Laboratory is also set up in the college. Psychology Laboratory: Verbal, non-verbal and performance tests are available in this lab. Students are given practical sessions to familiarize themselves with various psychological tests and obtain practical skills in their administration, scoring, and interpretation. Language Lab: Intel Pentium-based systems, audio-visual equipment, and the latest software provided the infrastructure for our Language Lab.
  • Alumni Associations
    The college has good networking for the alumni association.
  • Parking Facility
    The college has a parking space facility for its faculty, staff, and students.
  • Guest Room
    The college has guest house/waiting room facilities for visiting faculty and student family members.
IT Infrastructure
Guest Room



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